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Pre WWII Swiss Mattock - $49.95 :: Colemans Military Surplus LLC - Your one-stop US and European Army/Navy surplus store with products for hunting, camping, emergency preparedness, and survival gear
Pre WWII Swiss Mattock

Pre WWII Swiss Mattock


"These mattocks were manufactured in the 1920s to 1930s, but mattocks been popular hand tools for many centuries. These resourceful tools are great for digging, plowing, and chopping. This mattock has a thick 18 long wooden handle with a steel head. At one end of the head is a 2 wide adze, and the other end is a pick. This combination makes it the perfect hand tool for anybody form a back-yard gardener, to a landscaper, construction worker, or even the commercial farmer. Unused condition, shows signs of wear from long term storage."
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