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Russian Wool Blanket - $29.95 :: Colemans Military Surplus LLC - Your one-stop US and European Army/Navy surplus store with products for hunting, camping, emergency preparedness, and survival gear
Russian Wool Blanket

Russian Wool Blanket


"These thick military blankets were made to sustain soldiers in the severe Russian winters. They are heavy but soft blankets and vary slightly in color. They are a medium to charcoal gray, and the whipped stitched edging varies from green to yellow. They measure approximately 76” x 66” which is a great size to keep in your car trunk for emergencies, tote to ball games to keep your bleacher bottom warm, or take it camping. They would make nice insulation between your sleeping bag and the ground. Most of all they’re just nice to snuggle in on a cold winters night. These super thick blankets weigh over 5 lbs. each. All appear to be in very good condition."
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