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Soviet Budenovka Hat - $29.95 :: Colemans Military Surplus LLC - Your one-stop US and European Army/Navy surplus store with products for hunting, camping, emergency preparedness, and survival gear
Soviet Budenovka Hat

Soviet Budenovka Hat

"This unique hat has a pointy top. Unbutton and let down the long sides, they will cover your ears, neck and chin. This hat is a replica of the Soviet Red Army Budenovka, (boo-dyo-noh-vkah) winter hat. Named after Semyon Mikhailovich Budyonny, a Soviet cavalryman and military commander. The original hats were an essential part of the uniform worn by the soldiers of the Red Army during the Russian Civil War during 1917 to 1923. The 100% wool hat has a large felt red star attached with a hammer and sickle insignia pin."
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