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Swiss Military Table Top Heater Set - $129.00 :: Colemans Military Surplus LLC - Your one-stop US and European Army/Navy surplus store with products for hunting, camping, emergency preparedness, and survival gear
Swiss Military Table Top Heater Set

Swiss Military Table Top Heater Set


"We found a couple of these vintage heaters in an old military warehouse in Europe. Beautifully shaped and colored, these will make a fine display item. Painted a pale green with olive and blue trim. They have a very thin fragile viewing window which we believe may be mica. All of the windows suffered some cosmetic damage due to handling and age. They are still very unique and would be quite perfect as a display item. They stand approximately 19Ē (not including carry handle). They look to be complete with its backpack style carry bag, fuel can, and funnel. Sold as is."
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